Sunday, May 25, 2008

Spring is Here At Last

What a long winter we had. Sure glad that is behind us. According to the records, this was the second most snowfall in Spokane's history. I guess it was a good test for us. The last month was probably the hardest, as our friends and family back in California were telling us how it was in the 70s and 80s and we were still getting snow. As you can see in the pictures, we have added a couple more tractors to the "farm". The little yellow "bumble bee" as Grace likes to call it has been a real workhorse in keeping all of the weeds and wild grass mowed down. I have done the entire 5 acres 2 times already. What a neat find, $50 and all I had to do was rebuild the carburetor and add a new battery. The Craftsman with the snow blade on front has been relegated to the job of carting around the water barrel for watering the 150-200 trees and shrubs we planted, and the weed sprayer for killing off the noxious weeds. It runs like a champ and moved a lot of snow for us. The newest addition to the stable is the Kubota L2800. We bought it with a loader, box blade, rear snow blade and a blanket harrow. I have been using the Kubota quite a bit leveling the property where the builder left mounds and where the "varmints" keep making mounds. This tractor has a hydrostatic (automatic) transmission and is as easy to drive as a car. This will be a lifesaver for snow removal next year and I won't have to be out on the Craftsman all day or rely on my neighbor Jim to dig me out. I am working again, at a auto salvage yard right down the street. I am their counter sales person. It has been challenging learning the computer systems but I am now pretty confident/competent with what I do. The guys I work with are good guys and very helpful, a pleasant work environment.

The last picture is a shot of the enemy I am constantly fighting on the property. He is constantly bringing in reinforcements and I fear I am losing the battle. I will keep up the good fight.