Monday, November 19, 2007

Our First Snowfall (a dusting actually)

When we checked the weather report before going to bed last night, they said our area was in a severe snow storm watch so we were not sure what we would wake up to. All we got was a light dusting but it sure made for a pretty setting. I am not too worried about the coming snow as we have installed snow tires on our vehicles and we even picked up a small garden tractor with a snow plow on the front. I am actually looking forward to using the plow. (obviously this southern California transplant has never had to work in weather like this before) We are getting acclimatized rather nicely as the cold weather is not bothering us at all. Having a "Heated" shop to work in doesn't hurt either. LOL Most of the snow in the pictures melted by days end but there is still some in the shady areas of the property. We are looking forward to a White Christmas, probably a white Thanksgiving too.