Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Almost Done!

The shop is almost complete. I don't know who is more excited. my wife or me. I know I am driving her crazy when I hang around in the house. She will be able to send me out to the shop when I become a pest (as if I won't already be there). The concrete goes in this week and then the front and doors go on then I can start setting up my wood shop and welding area. The motorhome, the '54 Bel Air, the little Scamp trailer and the newest addition the Chevy 4X4 truck will also be calling the shop home. I will then be able to park the good old Jeep in the garage. When my son-in laws tractor gets here we will be able to put it in the shop as well. The house is starting to feel like home and Grace is setting up her sewing/craft room (a 30'X12' room). She is very happy!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

We're Here!

Wow, what a drive that was. We had one kitty try to escape all the way here and another one slept the entire time. Talk about different personalities. Glad that is behind us! People told us to use tranquelizers but like I told them, I didn't think I could drive after taking a tranquelizer (LOL). We have been here almost 4 weeks now and are slowly getting our lives back in order. We still have a lot of boxes that need to be gone through and put away and now that we have had the daylight basement finished off we can get to them. We contracted with a local company to build us a "Pole Barn" (Shop) and that got started yesterday. I am so EXCITED! I know we came up here to retire or at least that is what I was told but judging by the list of things we want to do to the property, we will both need to go back to work to finance the improvements. As you can see in the picture, there is not a lot on the property but cut down weeds. (They were almost 3 feet tall by the time we got here so I had to get the weed eater out and call a guy with a tractor to mow the property.) I will have another tractor operator come out in a couple of weeks to rototill the front and back yard areas so we can put in some grass and plants. More to follow.....