Friday, December 31, 2010

The Last Day Of 2010

 As you can see, we have a winter wonderland. The temperature here this morning was -2 degrees........
 Grace's lavender field is sleeping under all that snow. Come Spring, it will explode in beautiful shades of purple...........
 The sitting / reading / thinking bench looks very lonely.......
 Grace's garden art / lawn tractor doesn't look too inviting, the flower basket on the hood looks like a big snowball. All of the fruit and the shade trees on the property are baren and sleeping as well.........
As cold and bleak as this appears, there is a quiet beauty to everything this time of year (as long as you are not out in it shoveling snow).

This has been a Wonderful year! We officially became grandparents to a beautiful little girl and hopefully by the end of 2011 we will be grandparents to another little beauty. Our daughter and son in law are awesome! Adopting 2 sweet little girls.

God has truley blessed our family. He has provided all that we need and so much more.

We look foreward to many new adventures in 2011.......

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Miss Beasley

Our little Miss Beasley has decided that she needs to be as close to us as possible. She has always been the "most sociable" of the group that allow us to care for them but during this last year with her failing health she wants to be at our sides or in our laps constantly (which by the way, is OK with us).

Miss Beasley came to us as a stray some 15 years ago. She just showed up on our doorstep one day and refused to leave. We (I) tried desperately to find her owner to no avail and since our home was on a busy street we decided to make her an indoor kitty, and that was fine with her. She befriended our other kitty, "Puddams" immediatly and they became best friends. A couple of years later we "lost" Puddams to a stroke. Miss Beasley was alone for a couple of months before we decided we needed another Himmie. As some of you may know buying that one baby Himmie (Peekie) turned into rescueing two other adult Himmies (Cissy and La La) from the same breeder. Miss Beasley decided early on she was Queen of the house and did not like the new trio especially the baby Peekie. Peekie adoided Miss Beasley as much as possible but Miss Beasley seemed to enjoy going out of her way to torment her. After a couple of years "Cissy" decided enough was enough and put Miss Beasley in her place. That ended the picking on Peekie (who was much bigger than Miss Beasley). We said Good-by to Cissy last year after a long illness and La La has really come out of her "shy" shell. Peekie, La La and Beasley are good friends.

We will continue to love our "Girls", they bring us so much joy!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


When we moved up here in 2007, a friend told me I had to find this place because according to him they made the best hamburgers in the world. While I do enjoy a good hamburger once in a while, I did not feel the need to go out of my way to find this place. Just by chance, while out on deliveries I drove past Wolffy's and told myself I would have to stop in someday to try a burger. After all, this place is a throw back to the diners of the 50's and Grace and I love old things. We went there for lunch yesterday and I have to admit the food was really really good and there was so much of it! Also because it is a family owned and run place the service and atmosphere was a real pleasure. We will be returning many times I am sure. Thanks for the tip Jim!