Saturday, November 15, 2008

New Yard Maintenance Helper

Mmmmmm this is pretty yummy!

Not bad over here either.

Oh, Hi There........

As I turned into our driveway this afternoon and looked up at the house I saw this beautiful young deer "grazing" in our front lawn. I sat and watched for a while from a distance then decided to see how close I could get. I was able to drive the truck up to about 50 feet away from him before he started to walk away. My wife was inside the house watching and taking pictures. This deer is the first one we have seen on the property in the daytime. We have seen a few at night and have seen many tracks in the mornings and have seen the damage they have done at night also. As they prepare for winter I guess they are "bulking up" eating everything they can find including our fruit trees. So far they have broken two trees and the wooden stakes they were tied to. I guess I will have to put wire cages around the rest of the trees to protect them. The deer are beautiful and we truly feel blessed to have them "visit" us.