Sunday, February 27, 2011

A relaxing Sunday morning drive

 We have been watching this old house slowly deteriorate and return to nature for the last 4 years. It is sitting out in a field all by itself. I can only imagine the former families that have called this "Home" in the past.
 I am not sure what this and the other buildings on the property were used for. Grace thinks this might have been an old dairy or cattle property. It backs up to a lake that is frozen over this time of year. Beautiful old building.
                A hospital near a womans prison and youth authority facility. Beautiful old brick architecture.
                                                    An old dairy farm, still being used.
                                        This is the Grange. A meeting hall for community events.
 Some really large silos out in the country. In the summer there are miles and miles of wheat, alfalfa, hay and other types of grasses out here.
This beautiful hawk let us drive right up to him and take a couple of pictures before flying off looking for his next meal.
What a great day. We do live in a very picturesque area.