Sunday, January 20, 2008

How Long til Spring?

While we have really enjoyed all of the snow here in Spokane, we are ready for spring. Should be only 30 to 60 days away (the weather part, not the season). I have gotten very proficient with the snow shovel and my neat little snow plow. I can honestly say that driving the little snow plow is a lot of fun. The only time it was not fun was when a county snow plow came down the road out front and buried the approach to our driveway with 2 feet of heavy ice and our little tractor could not get through it. We were in effect blocked in or in my wife's case she was blocked out as she was at our daughters helping her recuperate from surgery on her broken wrist. I was eventually able to break through and clear it all (only took 4 hours). I have been spending quite a bit of time in my shop (The Man Cave) working on the little trailer, the garden tractors and doing some woodworking. I keep the shop at about 42 degrees so the vehicles don't have to be winterized. I am acclimatizing rather well, most of the time I am not even wearing a jacket although I look pretty bundled up in the pictures. (as with all of the pictures, click on them for a larger view)