Wednesday, August 31, 2011

N.P.H.S. Class of 1971 Reunion

 I had the opportunity to go back to the "Conejo Valley" for my 40 year reunion earlier this month. So much has changed! This is our school mascot, the Panther. Such a beautiful setting in front of the main office.
 The gym now has an awesome painting of the Panther appearing to be breaking out. Such detail, someone did a great job.
 Our reunion was held at the Stagecoach Inn. This is such a beautiful setting with a re-creation of the old Timber school building and the Inn filled with antiques from earlier times. There were over 125 people attending and a good time was had by all.
 There was a surprise visit from the current cheerleaders at Newbury Park High School. These girls did such a great job, it brought back a flood of memories of rallies and football games.
 The next day we all met at the school for a tour of the campus. There are a lot of changes but I still remember walking these halls as a young boy. All of the classes and teachers we had.........seems like yesterday.
 No visit to the "Conejo Valley" would be complete without getting together with my good buddy Vic fof a round of golf. The weather could not have been better and the course was in really good shape.
To make this an even better trip, my ex business partner Josie and her husband Ron were able to join us. Talk about a great day! I was smiling for a week.
On the last day in town, I stopped by the office (Century 21 America) and met up with some of the people that have meant so much to me over the last 17 years. I just wish I could have visited with them longer!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My new Buddy

I started using my Quail call last summer when all the quail in the surrounding fields were calling each other. I managed to call them in, one of them even landed on our deck looking for me. This year, I have not had to call them. They show up in the morning and evenings. This guy walks around on the deck and sits on the garden fence during the day. I am not sure if he is the same one that sits in the top of our pine tree every morning though. He starts calling early and leaves when it starts getting dark. The wildlife here is awesome!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A relaxing Sunday morning drive

 We have been watching this old house slowly deteriorate and return to nature for the last 4 years. It is sitting out in a field all by itself. I can only imagine the former families that have called this "Home" in the past.
 I am not sure what this and the other buildings on the property were used for. Grace thinks this might have been an old dairy or cattle property. It backs up to a lake that is frozen over this time of year. Beautiful old building.
                A hospital near a womans prison and youth authority facility. Beautiful old brick architecture.
                                                    An old dairy farm, still being used.
                                        This is the Grange. A meeting hall for community events.
 Some really large silos out in the country. In the summer there are miles and miles of wheat, alfalfa, hay and other types of grasses out here.
This beautiful hawk let us drive right up to him and take a couple of pictures before flying off looking for his next meal.
What a great day. We do live in a very picturesque area.