Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hmmm, what do I want for my birthday???????

 When I asked myself that question I am sure the last thing on the list was to have a large boulder roll over and trap my finger between it and my tractor bucket......
 Well as the Dr. was looking at my finger, she mumbled "this does not look too good, I am not sure we can save it".  As she and Grace were looking at it the nurse decided to go ahead and sew it up to try and save the flesh. Grace and the Dr. were having a real gabfest. I overheard Grace ask if she was using a "French knot" while she was stitching me up. I should have made her wait in the waiting room.
I got the original bandage/wrap removed today, it looks about as bad as it feels. No one said anything about the Y shaped cut on the top of the knuckle, but it sure explains the pain coming from that area.
I keep saying I am so lucky! This could have been much worse! There are no broken bones and my pinkie is the only finger affected. Thank you Lord!

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Katmom said...

Ummm, so... does that mean... "Your finger was caught between a Rock & a hard place"? lol!