Sunday, October 7, 2012

Good Bye "Old Friend"

 We finally made the decission to let our old 1954 go to a new home. It was just not right seeing her sit there in the "mancave" looking so good and ready to drive but not being used. I had lost the passion of taking her out except for the occasional drive up and down the street to keep her going.
 Grace put an ad on Craigs List back in June and then I hurt my hand and we forgot all about selling her. We got a surprise call 2 weeks ago from a gentleman who saw the ad and wanted to see the car. I told him I needed to get her out gas her up and clean the dust off her first. She fired right up and cleaned up like new.
I took him for a test drive and he loved our '54.  The best thing is, he is the president of a vintage car club in Spokane. It was just what we wanted for the '54, someone that would appreciate the beauty of the original car, not someone that wanted to "HotRod" her out. We felt great about our decission to sell her to this person. We hope they have many enjoyable outings in the future.

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